Our Vision:

Our vision is to bring only high quality, innovative equipment, products and technologies to the growing market of the Middle East. Implementation of products and services we provide are carried out via a resourceful and knowledgeable group of experts.

Those key personnel have spent considerable time in the oil industry gaining experience and delivering high quality services to our clients in the most adequate time.


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The firm Top-projekt d.o.o. is Croatian company founded in 1996 by gathering together designers of different specializations from former Zagreb design companies: Industroprojekt, INA-projekt and INA engineering. Since then the employees structure has changed so that Top-projekt, besides those above stated engineers and technicians, now also employs a few young people with university and polytechnic education.

From the later on stated list of references it can be seen that we have specialized in the narrow field of loading/unloading, manipulation and storaging of oil, oil products, LPG and chemicals.
  • Design for the tanks                                                          
  • Reconstruction of the tanks
  • Design for the truck tank loading unit
  • Design for the hydrocarbon gas storage
  • Design for the rail tank loading/unloading unit:
  • Design for the hydrocarbon gas storage
  • Tanker



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