Our Services:

Liner Hangers and Completion Equipment

Torque & Drag reduction Services and Casing Wear prevention 

Rigless/Hydraulic Work Over & Snubbing services.

Manufacturer of Pipeline Valves

Oil and Gas Processing Facilities Design, Engineering, Fabrication, packaging, installation & commissioning

High Performance Fiber Glass reinforced plastics (FRP)

High technology down hole Inflatable tools, Casing Equipment and Completion Equipment

Float Equipment & completion solutions

Geophysical instrumentation & electronic memory gauges

Manpower Supply Services 

On-Site Tubular Inspection

Inspection and Lifting  Management Services

Drilling / Workover Rigs

Top Project - Croatia - Design, Engineering, supervision, technical consultancy for oil, chemical and petrochemical industry.



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TIW Corporation

As a leader in the industry in completion solutions, TIW offers a complete line of liner hangers, liner packers, expandable liner and completion tools, production packers, PBR's, valves, and window cutting products.


TIW Production and Completion Solutions:

Liner Hanger and Completion Equipment, Kelly and Safety valves, expandable technology.

  • Liner Hangers (mechanical – hydraulic)
  • Setting Collars
  • L Rubber Liner Packer
  • HLX Liner-Top Packer
  • RRP Liner Assembly
  • TSP RRP Hangers (hydro)
  • Hydro-Hanger
  • Mechanical-Set Liner Hangers
  • Liner-Hanger Accessories

TIW Corporation celebrates its 90th year in business and continues to excel as a leader in developing tools to aid in the search for oil and gas.


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