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Liner Hangers and Completion Equipment

Torque & Drag reduction Services and Casing Wear prevention 

Rigless/Hydraulic Work Over & Snubbing services.

Manufacturer of Pipeline Valves

Oil and Gas Processing Facilities Design, Engineering, Fabrication, packaging, installation & commissioning

High Performance Fiber Glass reinforced plastics (FRP)

High technology down hole Inflatable tools, Casing Equipment and Completion Equipment

Float Equipment & completion solutions

Geophysical instrumentation & electronic memory gauges

Manpower Supply Services 

On-Site Tubular Inspection

Inspection and Lifting  Management Services

Drilling / Workover Rigs

Top Project - Croatia - Design, Engineering, supervision, technical consultancy for oil, chemical and petrochemical industry.




Hydraulic Workover Unit & Snubbing Services.
HiTech Egypt services company developes the activities to include a work-over and well service which is managed by a group with extensive experience in the techniques of work-over and well services - expertise that sets HiTech apart from any other company in the MiddleEast. Our highly motivated, experienced crews operate the most innovative Rigless work over systems. 



HITECH HWU Services.

HWU / Snubbing services.
  • ·       Drill Cement, bridge & Cement Plugs
    ·       Milling and Fishing Operations
    ·       Pull & Run 13,000 ft gas completion string
    ·       Apply total pull to 340 KLb min. and torque not less than 10,000 ft-Lb
    ·       Killing gas wells
    ·       Fishing operations
    ·       Temporary abandoned the well
    ·       Permanent abandoned the well
    ·       Run 1,000 ft 5" liner  
Additional Unit Capabilities
         Can be used for Pull/run ESP pumps , Pull/run Sucker Rods
         No need for dedicated crane and scaffolding crew (small footprint)
         Can run RTTS on a work string to pressure test
         Comes with a rotary for light drilling applications (cleaning out cement, sand fill, etc)
         Can be used to run tubing patches or re-complete wells with a smaller inner tubing string
         Asphaltene, Paraffin, and scale removal.
         Installing Gravel Pack Screens.
         Deploying Coiled Tubing fishing and logging tools to reduce rig up.
         De-completions & Completions. and run new tubing or Liner.
         Drilling Shallow wells up to 3000 Feet.
         Side track up to 3000 Feet.


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